Car Selection

The passenger will be able to have options of vehicles from which they can select. The app and website will show the available vehicles with their capacity and their per mile pricings. This will give the passenger choice to get the vehicle of their need and also the system sends the job to the drivers which matches the requested vehicle criteria.
Now, being an admin, you can control the inventory of your website. Let say, one vehicle has went to the maintenance and you don’t want it to show on the website or the app. You can simply make the status of that vehicle as inactive and that vehicle will disappear from the booking process to make sure no one makes the booking for the vehicle which is not available.
Also, the system makes sure that the passenger gets the vehicle options as per the passengers travelling. If a passenger wants a car for 6 people then there is no point in giving them option of a saloon car, right?

1. Passenger Makes A Booking

Passenger can make a booking on mobile app, website booking engine or can simply call and admin can make the booking on admin panel.

3. Driver On Run

Driver then goes to pick up the passenger on the given location which driver can locate on Google Maps within the application.

5. Passenger Pays

Passenger can then pay the total trip amount via Cash or via Online Payment Gateway or via Wallet which gives the confirmation message to driver and to the passenger too!

2. Auto Dispatch

The system defines the nearest available driver for the passenger who can reach on time and also has better reviews.

4. Passenger On Board

When driver picks the passenger from pick up point, the Driver clicks on ``Start`` to start the journey which can be tracked LIVE on Dispatch Admin too.

6. Automatic Accounts

System automatically creates the Ledger account for all the drivers which shows the how much the company owes to driver or owns from the driver.

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