Undoubtedly! Mobile Application is THE THING right now. However, your WEBSITE also needs to Speak Well.

Your passenger will first make a search on GOOGLE! and if they find your website there, they shall make a click on it. But! they will make a judgement of whether to be on the website or not to be on the website in just 2.3 Seconds. So that’s the little time we have to capture the Lead.

If your website isn’t expressing your story! your service or your strengths? it’s NOT adding any Value to your company.

AND! if your website has good expressions, however, isn’t asking to convert? well! that’s the worst condition.

You should know that bringing in Traffic is easier than converting it in actual bookings. And the only reason of not having enough bookings despite good traffic is a BAD WEBSITE User Interface and User Experience.

And it’s not a TOUGH task to make a PERFECT CAB WEBSITE for your company however, all you need is a proper process outlined to make one AWESOME Web User Interface.


Below are the 9 Parameters for a Booking Generating Website:



1. Site Page Mapping

First thing that you do when you’re making a NEW website for your business! is to have clarity on paper or in xls sheet or any platform on How Many Pages shall be there in the website and what shall be there sequence? and out of all the pages that you have listed out! ONLY few are to be positioned in the Navigation Bar (Header Menu) as you don’t want to put all the pages there in the header which would look cluttered and would also confuse the passenger.


2. Landing Page Visualization

Landing page can be your Home Page, or your Booking Engine Page but you got to make sure you have outlined EVERYTHING that falls in those pages. Even a small button or line of content should be visualized and should be positioned well. As the Landing page is where all your passengers would land and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of they being on your website.


3. Positioning Elements

Define what button, what call to action content and which image needs to be placed where exactly on the landing page. For an Instance, everyone keeps the Social Media Icons on top left of header and that’s where they also keep their number and email. Well you just confused the user on what to do! weather to call you or follow you on social media or to send you an email. Don’t give multiple options for users to think of what they should choose at once and rather give them the best option and the best position in your website.

A Theoretical example of positioning the elements :

  • Show your Telephone number on all the pages in Header (ONLY Telephone number) : Mostly people make a search from Google and reach your website and the first thing they see when your web page is open in their mobile browser is the telephone number to which they can tap and easily call your company. That’s the simplest way to NOT confuse the passenger.
  • and then you can keep your Social Media Icons in Footer and at the End of booking process asking your passenger to share the experience of booking a cab with your company on it’s social network. That’s an effective way to increase social profile followers.


4. Literally Talking Content

Usually marketing agencies would prefer the content which is SEO friendly which means you are pleasing Google and other search engines with your Goodie Goodie content and you get the traffic too! however, you miss the Engagement aspect in the content which should literally be the FIRST AIM while making a content for your website. Yes! google and other search engines are important too but you can not avoid your passengers as they are the ones who would read the content and if not engaged! they shall leave in microseconds.

The most beautiful aspect of website is that it’s a “Virtual Sales Representative” and you want your Sales Representative to be very soft spoken, nice with expressions, good looking and well dressed (in web terms, well dressed is good graphics and good use of elements such as Buttons and call to action sections).

Now you know! your content plays a VERY STRONG role in converting the traffic into actual passenger for your company.


5. Expressing Call To Actions

To Understand Call To Action, imagine you are at a Shoe Store and you like a shoe already. You asked the sales representative there to explain more on what are it’s benefits and etc. The sales representative explained everything so well but Didn’t say that “it’s the BEST for you” or “Would you like to BUY it” and didn’t use such expressing words which can take you to a decision. Well! she/he failed at selling you the product unless you were too eager to just buy it no matter how they behaved.

Call to action is MUCH needed section in website and it can be used multiple times on single page however, it should be Very Very Expressive so that your users are appealed to click on it.

Call to Action Buttons

“BOOK NOW” and “GET QUOTE” are cliche and very widely used too! again it doesn’t have expression at all and sounds much as just said to be said.

6. Brand Touch

We just dont want the Passengers to come ones. We want them to remember us with our brand name and come again. That’s only possible if you engage your content with your passengers using brand symbol or name within the content. You got to make sure that your Brand Name stands out in call to actions or in any other form of content. But! it has to be there.


7. Perfect Responsive Structure

This is a PRIORITY! Usually web designers would simply restructure each section of website pages, according to mobile. However, that’s not the right way at all. You don’t want your mobile version to have LONGEST scroll on planet web. The best way is to eliminate the sections of website which aren’t necessary in mobile version.


8. Keep It Clean

2.3 Seconds is the Only time to make an impression in your passengers eye and also to convince them to make a booking. So In that case, you don’t want to miss the opportunity by showcasing EVERYTHING possible on your home page or landing page. Keep it to the point and make sure you have addressed what your passengers are Urgently looking for.


9. Choose a Designer who knows the Cab Industry


Don’t just give out the Job to someone who does Web Designing. They surely have talent to make WONDERFUL Design but they lack experience of the Industry and they also lack the vision of the industry. Yes! if someone does a good research and comes up with a plan! that’s a good choice. But it’s good to give out job to company who has been in Cab Industry works for years. No one does it Better than Your Cab Manager.

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